Intermediate Classes

 It is such a privilege to teach ballet, and another to pass on the love of an art form.

Intermediate Dance Programs (8-12 YRS)

Classical ballet is widely recognised as the predominate dance style, it is here that all sound technique/posture is formed, musical rhythm is established and self-discipline and respect is acquired. By intermediate level (at any dance school) dedication to training is required of the students, this helps students understand the importance of good dance practice and gives them an awareness of their physical boundaries safely.

As a school, we also understand that our students have busy lives, and that dance is not the only activity of the week! We expect that all students make the most of their time during class and that parents respect the importance of good grooming and diligence.

We offer classes in Classical ballet, mixed genre and limber/conditioning and students are encouraged to participate in annual syllabus examinations (and competitions should they wish to)

Class descriptions (ages are a guide)

  • Bronze Medal classical ballet (8yrs) – ATOD Syllabus + conditioning/stretch
  • Bronze Star classical ballet (9yrs) – ATOD Syllabus + conditioning/stretch
  • Silver Medal classical ballet (10yrs) – ATOD Syllabus + conditioning/stretch
  • Silver Star classical ballet (11yrs) – ATOD Syllabus + conditioning/stretch
  • Gold medal classical ballet (12yrs) – ATOD Syllabus + conditioning/stretch + Pointe work
  • Grade 5 (9 -11yrs) – A RAD selective class, for dedicated classical ballet students only
  • Intermediate foundation – A RAD selective class, for dedicated classical ballet students only
  • Mixed Genre – includes Jazz, contemporary, musical theatre and lyrical dance styles. The genre will change each term. Fun, lively and energetic! A great stand alone class, or accompaniment to classical ballet training.