“My daughter has been a student at Miss Tara’s Studio for eight years. She began at the school as a toddler dressed in a fairy dress and butterfly wings and has progressed to become an elegant and beautiful young ballerina.Throughout these ever-changing childhood years, from infancy to her tweens, Miss Tara has been a consistently excellent teacher and role model for Juliet. She runs her school with the principles of fairness, kindness and professionalism. I have observed that the love of dance is a gift she aims to impart to every student.

While J has in these eight years done many concerts and examinations – and done very well in them – she has never felt distressed or stressed by the processes involved, has never been injured, overworked or taught by dull rote or monotonous repetition of a single routine. Dancers at Miss Tara’s are encouraged to engage with their dancing and express their personality and enjoyment of their craft.

Importantly for me as a mother, I have found Miss Tara and her staff to be unfailingly graceful and considerate to all members of my family and to provide stimulating routines, performance opportunities and practical work for the students. J loves going to ballet and has become an accomplished and lovely dancer. I hope she has a long association with Miss Tara, even in the future when her ballet days are merely cherished childhood memories” EM

“Miss Tara’s studio fosters a love of health and movement, a passion for musicality and artistry, as well as respect for oneself and others. These qualities are all embodied and nurtured by Tara.  She knows every student and parent by name, and encourages her teachers to do the same. Tara is an intuitive and skilful dance teacher with a big imagination.  She makes ballet classes beautiful and joyous for all her students (aged from one year old to 73 years old). ” IS

“We have two girls under 5 enrolled at Bambino Ballet and the greatest gift Miss Tara has given them is the joy of dance. They learn all the usual ballet postures and positions but the lessons are enhanced with imaginiative role plays that encourage participation and allow the students the freedom to explore their own creativity and show off their unique personalities. There is an emphasis on inclusiveness regardless of technical ability and this leads to improved confidence among all participants and happy, smiling ballerinas. For my girls, dance class with Miss Tara is a highlight of the week.” KH

“Miss Tara has been my daughter’s ballet teacher since 2009 and teaching all 3 of my girls. Tara is efficient and extremely competent. She is very passionate about ballet and her studio. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. She has taught Ballet to both young children and adults, and every age in between. Tara has excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) allowing her to connect with all kinds of people. She is a kind, compassionate and a considerate person. She has strong ethics and is socially aware. Through my observations over the past 5 years I see that Tara has also instilled these positive values in her own children (and ballet ‘children’).” AH